EU Consolidated Services for Print and Publishing

Published in Uncategorized 23 May 2024

At WBS, we’ve been delivering first-class supply chain solutions to the print and publishing industry for decades, and since our foundation we’ve continuously expanded our supply chain experience and service offering.  

Our success is built on valuing our customer feedback and satisfaction. Following an increase in demand, we have grown our market-leading EU combined consolidation services connecting European Printers with UK and USA Publishers.

Our consolidation services offer the optimal combination of media experience thanks to our specialist network across the UK and the USA, and the speed and efficiency of our Trans-Atlantic routes. The flexibility of our sea-air, road-air and rail services enable us and our clients to navigate the challenges of today’s logistics landscape and ensure your print and publishing supply chain is solid and prepared for any global shifts.

Enhance your operations with our services, including: 

  • Weekly European routes from all major European print locations
  • Green solutions with our rail routes  across Europe and the UK 
  • Carbon reporting and digital supply chain management
  • In-house customs management teams
  • Sustainable transits thanks to consolidation services from Europe to our US hubs
  • Quick road-air solutions for onward distribution across the globe
  • Teams across Europe, the UK, and the USA
  • Express Road Transport options

Reach out to us for any questions or a quote request.