New BROCK permit required from 10th July

Published in Uncategorized 5 July 2024

As part of Operation BROCK’s improved flow plan, starting from July 10th, a new permit issued at the front of the Operation BROCK queue will be required for all freight drivers heading to the Port of Dover to allow passage, with all freight having to use the M20 route. If a permit is missing at the Courtwood Interchange, the freight will be denied port entry, redirected to the back of the queue, and face financial penalties.


The introduction of this new permit system aims to reduce congestion, maintain efficient traffic flow, and ensure compliance. At this time, permits are not being issued to freight using the Eurotunnel, but freight traffic for this operator should still use the M20.


Please be advised that the permit is not required for vehicles making local deliveries and not accessing the Port of Dover. For local Haulier permits will be pre-issued to qualifying Kent hauliers.


Reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns!