WBS acquire
WBS Nordic

Published in News 7 August 2023

Following the joining of forces by WBS UK and Woodland Group in September 2021, we’re pleased to announce that today the two companies added WBS Nordic to their portfolio of jointly owned companies.


Located in Sweden, WBS Nordic AB has been under ownership of Dag & Anna Hannerz since 2010 and over the years has established itself as a key logistics supplier to the print and publishing industry across the Nordic Regions.

The acquisition of WBS Nordic by WBS UK and Woodland Group earmarks another milestone in the joint vision of the partner companies to create opportunity and deliver sustainable supply chains as the world’s chosen logistics specialists. WBS Nordic will further strengthen Woodland Group’s and WBS’ standing as the leading supply chain partners to the print and publishing industry, act as a gateway to the Nordic regions, benefitting from the strength and global reach of the Woodland and WBS ecosystem while also facilitating further opportunity for sustainable supply chain management to the UK, Ireland, and the US, and new entries to markets for companies across the globe.

Fredrik Tauberman, former business development manager at WBS Nordic AB, will step into the role of Director, continuing to drive the company’s success across the region and beyond.

“I’m excited to announce this acquisition of WBS Nordic AB, which is a key part of our joint growth strategy. Joining forces with Woodland Group in 2021 has enabled us to lean on the Group’s significant strength and resources, and we’re now able to further build on this by adding our own in-house team in the Nordics to further create and streamline solutions and opportunities for clients and team members alike.”, David Burnham, Managing Director of WBS UK and Director of WBS Nordic, commented.

“Taking WBS Nordic under full ownership of WBS UK and Woodland Group will allow us to establish a cohesive approach to our high level of customer service, supply chain solutions, and our continuous drive to future-proof our clients’ supply chains while creating opportunities for development and growth for all stakeholders. This acquisition further strengthens our joint companies’ ecosystem, and we look forward to continuing to grow from here.”, Chris Watts, Group Finance Director Woodland Group, added.