Worldwide Book Services is now WBS Logistics

Published in Uncategorized 7 May 2024

We’re thrilled to announce that we have undergone a complete brand overhaul to better reflect our culture, align with our vision and values, and showcase our growth. After months of hard work, our rebranding effort under our new name ‘WBS Logistics’ is now live, and we want to share with our customers, WBS teams, partners, and extended network an overview of what this brand update entails and what it means to us.

With over 20 years in the supply chain business, during which we’ve built expertise and success stories as the leading supply chain partner to the print and publishing industry for UK and European markets, we’ve grown and continuously expanded our service offerings. Our brand identity needed to evolve to better reflect our development and progressive view. 

After months of brainstorming and with input from all stakeholders, including partners and team members across the business, we’ve agreed on a fresh logo, new brand colours, fonts, tone of voice, graphics, defined values and purpose, and new brand guidelines. We have also launched a brand-new website that is easy to navigate and hosts all our services, our digital and sustainable capabilities, as well as customs and financial solutions.

We turned “Worldwide Book Services” into “WBS Logistics” to reflect our significant expansion beyond the print and publishing world, and trusted customer base across a wide range of industries. Our new brand colours reflect our passion, reliability and trustworthiness,  and our commitment to sustainability, whether socially, economically or environmentally. 

Our new strapline, “Delivering your potential,” fully represents what we do, how we do it, and our commitment to unlocking everyone’s potential, both internally and externally. Spot our teams, fleet, and brand on the road and say hi!